Major Objectives

  • To promote peace, equality and living in harmony with nature.
  • To provide challenging intercultural learning experiences for young people.
  • To promote their social and personal development through participation in various multi-cultural, academic, sports & service initiatives.
  • Explore ways of understanding peace and conflict.
  • Connect youth-based social change efforts across issues, geography, and all lines of difference, unleashing the collaborative power and collective action of today’s younger generations.
  • To encourage dialogue amongst young leaders, and strive to create the next generation of nonviolent peacemakers. As the mission of GYPF is to ignite a generation-wide movement of young people in shape of ‘Global Youth Peace Forum’ helping to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.

Secondary Objective

  • GYPF 2019 will provide a platform for increased exchange of ideas through greater interaction amongst the participating youth.
  • At least 50 per cent of the participants go back with a project idea that they would implement in their community, especially in the field of women rights, environmental conservation and peace activism.
  • To promote increased sharing of ideas and learn from each other’s local initiatives, at least five international youth exchange programs will be organized before GYPF 2020.
  • As the Peace Clubs in Chandigarh and adjoining towns of Panchkula and SAS Nagar (Mohali), similar Peace Clubs will be formed in at least 5 different countries by the participants of GYPF 2019.
  • GYPF 2019 will train fifty young people as ‘Global Youth Peace Forum Volunteers’ who can further train more and more young people in different countries to carry forward the spirit of volunteering, nonviolence, equity and justice.


It’s very difficult to imagine any major city in India more ideal than peace-city Chandigarh, a model of outstanding modern urban planning. Chandigarh’s beautiful gardens, bicycle paths, architecture, vast network of educational institutions and culture all contribute to a quality of life that is unbeatable anywhere else. Come and see Peace-city Chandigarh - a Utopia! For more details about the city; chandigarhtourism.gov.in


  • GYPF is a catalyst for young people to get involved in their community and make a difference.  Such efforts energize those who are already engaged in good causes, helping people recognize they are not alone in their endeavor. The GYPF brings everyone together and promotes new bonds beyond boundaries of race, religion and nationalities.
  • In the past 13 years GYPF have created a network of hundreds of motivated youth across the globe. From issues of environment to violence, these youth have been advocating for equal human rights and sustainability in various manners.
  • In addition, mobilizing the host city Chandigarh’s own local youth organizations is an important focus of the event. There are over hundreds of young students in local schools and colleges associated with Yuvsatta (youth for peace)-an NGO through their Peace Clubs and annual Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF).
  • Now 13 years of intervention of an annual GYPF has started regular youth exchange program between young people of India with ten other countries of Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia & Sri-Lanka.
  • GYPF provides young people a platform for increased exchange of ideas, so that they become true global citizens in thinking and action and volunteer to co-create a future equal to their vast potential.
  • GYPF further energize the local Peace Clubs in Schools & Colleges of Peace-city Chandigarh, not only to take active part in the initiative but also to share ideas, network and start campaigns for common good of all.